Decor brush and roller set Decor brush and roller set Decor brush and roller set

Decor brush and roller set


We love seeing how you bring your home to life using POP Paint - so, brush up on your DIY and let the good times roll!
This complete combo is perfect to kickstart all your at-home passion projects, consisting of the following:
25 and 50mm Flat Edge, Tapered Tip Brush: These have straight bristles making them perfect for applying paint over flat areas, mixing colours and painting just about anything!

50mm Angle Brush, Tapered Tip Brush:
This brush has slanted bristles, giving you the edge on those straight lines or sneaky corners and edges that need to be filled in.

100mm Flat-Head Roller
Use this roller for painting slightly larger and flat surfaces quickly and effectively. The ultra-fine fibre eliminates bubbling during painting that'll give you a super-fine, even and luxe finish.

Transparent Tray :
Preserve your POP Paint with a paint tray. Simply pour the paint into the tray and use the roller for easy application. And because POP Paint is water-based, just clean with soap and water.

Always clean your brush right after using it (Don't leave the paint to dry on the brush/roller).
Remove any excess paint before soaking your brush/roller in soapy water.
After rinsing, hang the brush/roller to dry.

We recommend using this roller with POP Paint - our non-toxic, ultra-smooth, and quick-drying matte paint that's available in inspired colours


What's in the box
  • 1x 25mm Flat Brush
  • 1x 50mm Flat Brush
  • 1x 50mm Angle Brush
  • 1x 100mm Flat-Head Roller
  • 1x Transparent Tray